FreeNetWorld 2013 WINNERS

FNW fest of 2013 started on 10. of October and lasted until 12. of October at Kupina film theater. There were 80 - 100 people each night that had the chance to see 40 selected films. The jury had a very hard job but this is the choices by the jury and by the audience, that had the chance to choose the film every night:


FNW official selection 2013


  1. Fenomen (fiction), Stevan Aleksic, Serbia (premiere)

  2. Una question de augmento (animation) Pablo A. Díaz, Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso, Argentina

  3. Why not to kill a fly (animation), Farhad Alizadeh, Iran

  4. Le jour a vaincu le nuit (documentary) jean gabriel periot, France

  5. Vaterlands Liebe (fiction) , Nico Sommer, Germany

  6. Bees village - nobody knows (music video), eva munnich, germany

  7. Falling Blossom(experimental), Jay Jihyun Kim, USA

  8. Night out (experimental) Rani Avidan, Israel

  9. Unce upon a time in Kalvia (fiction), Sebastian Kesaniemi, Finland

  10. Spettographia di una battaglia (experimental), Fabio Scacchioli, Italy

  11. The Light of the World (fiction), LUIS SANCHEZ-POLACK, Spain

  12. LAS HERIDAS LILAS/Underblood (fiction), MARIA LORENTE, Spain

  13. Out of the blue (fiction), LUIS SANCHEZ-POLACK, Spain

  14. The Fugue (fiction), Xavier Bonnin, France

  15. Ballet Story (fiction), Daria Belova, Germany

  16. Banatski trougao (fiction), Marko Backovic, Serbia

  17. Descenso al inferno (fiction), Sergi Arnau ,

  18. Ngutu (fiction), FELIPE DEL OLMO & DANIEL VALLEDOR, Spain

  19. The Boots (fiction), Oleksand Feshchenko, Ukraine

  20. Identification (fiction), Stephen Nolly, CA, USA

  21. Jornada de puertas abuertas / Open House (fiction), Alfonso Díaz, Spain

  22. Ruido Branco (White Noise) (fiction), Lucas Sa, Brazil

  23. Botev is an idiot, (fiction) Deyan Bararev, Bulgaria


  25. Mr. Hublot (animation), Laurent Witz, Luxembourg

  26. DJI death fails (animation), Dmitri Voloshin, Moldova

  27. Game Over (animation), Seyed Mohsen Pourmohseni Shakib, Iran

  28. SuperBot (animation), Pablo Alberto Díaz, Argentina

  29. Felix (fiction), Anselm Belser, Germany

  30. Gutty (fiction), Seyed Sajad moosavi, Iran

  31. Nobody knows (animation), Eva Münnich, Germany

  32. Paroniria, (experimental), Mauricio Sanhueza, Peru

  33. Memento Mori (animation), Daniela Wayllace, Belgium

  34. A German loves his fatherland (documentary) Nico Sommer, Germany

  35. How I lost my wings (fiction), Ivan Tasic, Serbia

  36. LA PRIMERA NOCHE/the first night (fiction), EDUARDO MOYANO, Spain

  37. Safar (animation), Mashaallah Mohammadi, Iran

  38. Best Man (fiction), Tomer werechson, Israel

  39. Vanya (fiction), Oksana Artemenko, Ukraine

  40. Cold Star (music video), Markus Kaatsch, Germay

FNW festival program 2013

FNW Preselection is over in August, now the jury is almost done with selection.
We have Viewed over 250 films, to be exact - 267 films and specifically selected 90 films which have been entered in the preselection for display. A total of over 800
minutes. Unfortunately, the selection for this years festival will be only 360 minutes of films in three days. After the festival, the audience can expect CINEMA CAFE where everybody will be able to watch all the films that have passed pre-selection.

This year's festival, 6th annual festival will be able to boast excellent quality of films, in technical performance
as well as content. The jury is having a very difficult job of choosing the winners.

Most films that we've got traditionally came from Spain, immediately followed by Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Australia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Argentina, USA, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Egypt,
Slovenia, Norway, Portugal, Macedonia, Israel, India, China, Japan, Belgium,Taiwan ...

The program of this years festival:

Thursday, the 10th October 2013

  • 19:00 Promotion of the book "Iza spustene zavese" by Mihajlo Vitezović, Jelena Obradovic and Katarina Borisavljević. The Book is going to present authors (also members of the jury FNW festival) Jelena Obradovic and Mihajlo Vitezović- KUPINA FILM cinema- small theater room
  • Hall of the KUPINA FILM cinema - an exhibition of illustrations of the book "Iza spustene zavese" by Tamara Pancic
  • 21:00 Film program FNW 2013 - KUPINA FILM cinema- small theater room
  • 23:30 MIRROR cafe - FNW film music Party + VJ program (FNW films)


Friday the 11th October 2013

  • 21:00 Film program FNW 2013 - KUPINA FILM cinema- small theater room
  • 23:30 MIRROR cafe - FNW film music Party


Saturday 12th October 2013

FNW Call for Volunteers

We need new, young and enthusiastic people. We are looking for people who love films, with and without experience in this field and want to learn something new or share their knowledge with others. Join the team and participate in organization of the sixth FNW Film Fest and other events organized by the FNW team.


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